What you need to know.

“Cleaning call” is a dynamic and flexible reality that offer interventions with a well organized staff in order to ensure an optimal service.

We directly agree with the customer the estimate of the hours necessary to perform the requested services (as soon as possible). Once the estimate is approved, we fix a date and a time for intervention.

For ironing, delivery times and terms of service will be agreed according to the quantity and type of linen delivered by the customer.

All our products are professional and certified.

You can customize discounted intervention packages for monthly guaranteed requests.

Any cancellation of the service by the customer must be comunicated within 48 hours before the fixed date. Failure to notify in due time requires the invoicing of a penalty of 30% of the cost of the intervention.

When the estimate is approved, is required a 30% deposit on the amount of the intervention.

The invoice must be paid the same day as the intervention. There is the possibility of agreeing payment formulas based on the total monthly hours.

All you need is a call!




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